C4 Minimal carbon blades

C4 Minimal carbon blades

C4 Carbon Fins Silversea HT Blades


Hydrodynamics: an efficient performance is based on resistance reduction. 300 fins elegant shape could have easily been designed by lines of water flowing on your feet without interruptions and only ongoing smooth lines. Hydrodynamics is key to reduce divers’ fatigue and these footpockets shiny look combines beauty and performance.



Lighter and stronger, more responsive and safer. These composite blades are made with carbon fabric HYERTECH – Big Square. The use of the innovative method of production, Spread Tow instead of yarn, optimizes the structure. Less intersection between the fibers and less ondulations greatly reduce the absorption of energy. Using fins this means blade's great reactive elasticity, what else?



The foot on blade thrust position is about 30mm back, it lies between toes and the metatarsus. Longerons are short where toes are and continue under the foot pocket towards the heel. They are an uninterrupted line of energy distribution between foot and blade. Longerons progressively transfer energy to the blade, allowing exceptional bending curves. Blades continue for over 20mm inside the 300 foot pocket towards the heel. Special blades must be produced to perfectly fit the 300 foot pockets.



Blades are connected to the foot pockets by two special Hilo screws, for a better mechanical seal and energy transmission. This mechanical solution, in addition to making blades replacement much easier, prevents blades from being over stressed.

Blades concave shape pushes water flows towards the blade core. This provides fins with immediate elastic reaction to the movement coupling, allowing rapid restarts, therefore resulting in excellent energy transmission.
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C4 Carbon Fins Silversea HT Blades

Blades are made of a new 100% carbon fiber (carbon) TR50 HYPERTECHT700

The angle of inclination of the blades is 29 ° + 3 ° for galosh = 32 °

Available stiffness of the blades: soft, medium, hart.

Dimensions: 873 x 195 mm.

Weight fins (one): from 600 grams. up to 730 gr.

Flanging: variable Tunnel.

New galoshes.

MATERIAL: 100% carbon fiber TR50 HYPERTECH

BLADE DIMENSION: 873 x 195 mm

BLADE HARDNESS: 25 soft – 30 medium – 40 hard

WATER RAILS: variable Tunnel ( with a patent )

FINS WEIGHT: from 600gr. up to 730 gr.

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